Pet insurance comparison chart


What should veterinary professionals and pet owners care about in considering pet insurance plans? Here's the latest information from some of the nation's top pet insurance providers.

Editor's note: This chart has been updated! Click here for the newest version.

Let's start with the basic reality: Most pet owners can't (or won't) put money away each month for annual preventive care or unexpected illnesses and injuries. Then they'll get that awful panic and frustration when you show them the price tag on a vitally important treatment plan.

That's what you and your veterinary team live with.

What's one solution? Pet insurance. In the long term, you can have fewer painful conversations about money with veterinary clients if more of your clients are on pet insurance.

Many experts recommend you:

  1. Compare the plans
  2. Pick one-or a few-that your team likes
  3. Start pet insurance conversations on your website, in your reception area and in your exam room.

Start your research with this multi-page printable PDF (switch to "Landscape," because it's a wide one), or check out the major contenders one by one on the following pages.

Wanna check out particular companies? Here's a table of contents:






Pets Best









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