Law & Ethics

Street medicine in action: Providing veterinary care for San Diego's homeless

My experience with the Street Dog Coalition during the Fetch dvm360 conference provided insight, experience and ideas for my own community when it comes to caring for pets with no roof over their head.

Production-based pay: Devils in the details

Here's what to think through before you sign your employment contract as a veterinary associateconsider the things that could go wrong or negatively affect your production.

President Trump signs PACT Act into law

Performing acts of animal cruelty is now a federal felony.

Practice tip: Ask local agencies for crime safety help

Make sure your veterinary practices safety protocol is up to date by implementing one or both of these strategies.

Make sure your veterinary employee handbook is up to par

Associate consultant Brandon Hess provides insight on how to create a legally sound employee handbook.

Letter to dvm360: Clashing concerns about CBD and veterinary medicine

An attorney who consults in the animal health industry says that, contrary to a recent dvm360 article, cannabidiol is not illegal. The author, veterinary pharmacologist Dr. Dawn Boothe, responds.