Law & Ethics

Understanding damages in veterinary employment contracts

Before you sign that shiny new contract, make sure you understand all of its provisions.

Understanding the limits of your noncompete agreement

It’s no mystery that associate veterinarians, in an effort to figure out if their noncompete is enforceable, find themselves trying to solve, well, a mystery.

AVMA, WSAVA: veterinary practices are ‘essential businesses’

Both associations have urged lawmakers to classify veterinary practices as ‘essential’ because, they say, not doing so could negatively impact both animal welfare and the wellbeing of pet owners.

dvm360 presents ‘The Dilemma Live’: Kosher food mix-up

This time on The Dilemma Live, with Dr. Marc Rosenberg: A team member inadvertently gives a boarding dog regular kibble instead of the kosher food provided by the owners. How would you address this seemingly minor mishap with your clients?

dvm360 presents ‘The Dilemma Live’: Meddling with marijuana

This time on The Dilemma Live: How would you address pet marijuana intoxication with owners?

Street medicine in action: Providing veterinary care for San Diego's homeless

My experience with the Street Dog Coalition during the Fetch dvm360 conference provided insight, experience and ideas for my own community when it comes to caring for pets with no roof over their head.