Emergency & Critical Care

Hospital design: What Bailey taught me

Space to work, quiet to heal, more light: A tribute to my dog's stay in a veterinary emergency clinic.

Pet quiz: Are these lucky dog and cat cases real or fake?

Are you a real veterinary professional if you can't tell a fake case from a real one? Youve probably seen your fair share of crazy cases involving unlucky pets that you couldnt make up if you tried. So lets test your knowledge of the most outlandish, dangerous or downright wild situations that come up in veterinary medicineare these stories real or fake? (Sponsored by Nationwide)

ACVC 2019: 3 common myths in transfusion medicine

Veterinary technician sheds light on these commonly believed blood transfusion misconceptions.

Share this on your veterinary practice's social media channels: Pumpkin spice and toxic vice

Start the conversation before Bella eats a bad mushroom. With the help from our partners at Pet Poison Helpline, we created a social-media-ready cartoon illustrating the toxic dangers of autumn for dogs and cats.

Gastric dilatation-volvulus: It doesnt have to make your stomach turn

Whether you perform surgery yourself or refer your patient to a specialty veterinary facility, aggressive stabilization can make all the difference.

Crate expectations: Realistic strategies for postoperative confinement

When your veterinary patient requires crate rest to heal from surgery or injury, make sure to educate owners about the challengesand be ready with strategies to make the process manageable for both pet and people.