5 tips to successfully navigate patient triage


Erica Brandt (Mattox), CVT, VTS (ECC), joins The Vet Blast Podcast to help prepare you and your team in an emergency

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When it comes to an emergency in the clinic, knowing what to look out for or what steps to complete can be the difference between life and death for some pets. In this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Erica Brandt (Mattox), CVT, VTS (ECC), offers 5 pearls on how to successfully triage your patients, plus why listening to pet parents can help lead to a diagnosis.

Below is a partial transcript. Listen to the full podcast for more.

Erica Brandt (Mattox), CVT, VTS (ECC): My first tip, besides take a deep breath and remain calm, would be really listen to what happened to that pet and use your common sense and your experience to tell you if this patient was hit by a car. Just because it came in wagging its tail, just because it has some adrenaline, does that mean that the pet is really doing okay? And just really listen to the keywords that you are hearing to tell you what you should be watching for on this pet.

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