Should you have been a plumber? Comparing vet team pay to other jobs

VettedVetted March 2019
Volume 114
Issue 2

These jobs provide a similar pay rate to those in the veterinary industrythey also require little to no formal education.


dvm360's 2018 Firstline Career Path Study surveyed the salaries of credentialed veterinary technicians, veterinary hospital managers, veterinary assistants and receptionists.

Out of 399 respondents, nearly 32 percent reported making $10 to $15.99 an hour, while 41 percent reported an hourly wage of $16 to $20.99.

With years of training and potential mounds of student debt, we wanted to see how the compensation of veterinary team members compares to jobs that require little to no formal education, so we checked PayScale. This is what we found: 

Source: 2018 Firstline Career Path Study,

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