Anissa Fritz, contributing writer


A modern take on veterinary practice ownership

Get a sneak peek into how practice ownership gets a makeover from Dr. Julie Reck at Fetch dvm360 in Baltimore, Kansas City and San Diego this year. (Hint: It's about leading and hiring.)

Alane Cahalane: Saving moon bears and caring for Hong Kongs pets

Veterinary surgeon, TedX star and Fetch dvm360 keynote speaker shares what its like to practice in Asia.

Brace yourself: A tool you can borrow from orthodontists

This tech company has been outfitting orthodontists’ offices with an interactive digital bulletin board for years. Can it help your clients bite into all your services?

Your chances of being bitten by a dog may depend on your personality

People who possess higher levels of insecurity, fear, instability and intrusiveness have increased likelihood of being bitten by a dog, according to a U.K. study.