Huddle up for success

FirstlineFirstline March/April 2019
Volume 15
Issue 2

Improve communication among your veterinary team by creating a living document of office questions and wins.

Communication among team members is always a challenge, so we try to make it as simple as possible. Everyone is encouraged to write in our “Huddle Book” if they have something to say, a suggestion or a question to ask. After we discuss it, we date and cross it off. I put the initials of team members who were present for the huddle. In addition, at the beginning of every month, we also give prizes out for the team member who has the most successful meter. Some statistics we monitor are new client, six pack sales, dental, laser, spay/neuter and grooming.

At Seville Animal Hospital, team members are encouraged to write questions and suggestions in a "Huddle Boo" Photo courtesy Kim Murray

We also randomly pick a “Catch Me at My Best” for the month, and the winner gets a prize as well. If someone has the day off, they are asked to read and initial what was discussed while they were gone. We find handling questions on a day-to-day basis is much better than letting time lapse (and problems continue) until our next staff meeting. It also makes the subject matter for our meetings more interesting. We can focus on matters like safety in the workplace, new products on the market, team building skills and setting goals.

Happy Huddling!

Kim Murray, Practice Manager, Seville Animal Hospital, Seville, Ohio

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