Practice tip: Up your Bordetella compliance

FirstlineFirstline March/April 2019
Volume 15
Issue 2

Get your veterinary clients on board with a necessary Bordetella vaccination with a simple explanation.


How many times have you heard, “Oh! Rover doesn't need the Bordello. He doesn't board.”

After years of explaining to pet owners that Bordetella “isn't that kind of ‘board,'” and still having people reject a very important aspect of disease protection, I had an epiphany.

About three years ago, I began calling it “Bordetella bronchiseptica, a bacterial infection,” and immediately launching into a brief explanation of its part in infectious tracheobronchitis and possible complications.

Acceptance of the vaccination is now well over 95 percent.

James Randolph, DVM, Animal General Hospital, Long Beach, MS

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