3 products to organize your veterinary practice

February 2, 2019

Its never too early to start spring cleaning, so were sharing a few of our favorite veterinary practice organization hacks to help get you started.

Move over, cats. Your doors have a new use in practice.

Keep trash contained

Dr. Robert Dumont sent us this excellent hack. To hide trash cans inside cabinets, he installed cat doors with magnetic closures to the doors. Trash stays out of sight and rooms are kept odor free. He liked the idea so much he installed a second labeled door on the cabinets, so one can be used for trash and one for used syringes.

$15.99 for a medium-size, magnetic cat door 

Organize odd objects

Are your practice's exam room drawers looking more like junk drawers? The dvm360 team loved this tip from Dreaming Summit Animal Hospital in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Keep essential items (of all shapes and sizes) organized with plastic drawer trays in each exam room. Adjust the trays to an object's size for a perfect fit and place them in the same spot room to room for time saving.

$22.97 for three adjustable drawer dividers on Amazon

"We're running out of scrub brushes, hooman."

Store surgical scrub brushes

Dr. Tracy Beeler shared this smart idea with us. Place a plastic container designed to hold plastic shopping bags above your sink and use it to store surgical scrub brushes. Not only are the brushes off the counter yet easy to grab, but the see-through container helps alert the team when to reorder.

$8.99 for a grocery bag storage holder

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