dvm360 March 2020

2020 Hospital of the Year—Jumping in, learning curve: First time’s the charm

February 27, 2020


Two young doctors dove right into practice ownership and building a facility all at once and got the practice of their dreams, earning them top honors in the under-8,000-square-feet category of the dvm360 Hospital Design Competition. 

Combatting the ‘loneliness epidemic,’ one pet at a time

February 21, 2020

A new report from Mars and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute explains how interaction with animals can help many people feel less alone and socially isolated, and provides recommendations for keeping companion animals safe and healthy in the process.

You, he, she and me equals us

February 14, 2020

Special Contributors

As society evolves, veterinary practices must adapt to new norms. Today, gender is one of those areas where a “new normal” means you have to adjust how you address employees and clients who may not think as you do.

How to avoid pre-sale remorse when selling your practice

February 10, 2020

Special Contributors

It’s wisely been said that one cannot chart a route until their destination is known. For many long-time veterinary practice owners who are considering a sale, there is a good deal of obsessing over the route and precious little hard thought about the destination.

Strangles: Identifying the chronic shedder

February 05, 2020

Clients are often quick to place blame on the new horse for introducing strangles to a herd, but veterinarians who provide appropriate client education can control the pandemonium before it begins.

VMX 2020—Pet obesity today: challenges and solutions

January 17, 2020

More than half of adult dogs are overweight, according to a new report from Banfield Pet Hospital and the NAVC. Pet weight management expert Prof. Alex German shares his solutions to this growing problem.

Dealing with a discount leak

December 30, 2019

Price breaks for staff family members, hardship clients and rescue organizations are costing Dr. Reed's veterinary practice. His brilliant idea? Staff members should pay a percentage of the discount. Hold on, says his hospital administrator.

The latest surgical options for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome

October 04, 2019

Brachy breeds are as popular as ever with pet owners, and as a result, veterinarians continue to see patients with respiratory aberrations associated with BOAS. A board-certified surgeon offers the latest options to treat these conditions in dogs.