Clinical trial for acute canine pancreatitis treatment now enrolling

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Issue 3

If successful, this study could lead to the first treatment that addresses the root cause of acute pancreatitis in dogs.

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Last month, global chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha and its U.S. subsidiary ISK Animal Health (collectively, “ISK”) announced the launch of a pivotal clinical trial to evaluate a new treatment for acute canine pancreatitis (ACP) that “addresses the unique cascade of inflammatory response in ACP,” according to company release.

ACP is common and potentially deadly, and can affect dogs of any breed. As there is no FDA-approved treatment for ACP, the current standard of care is limited to treating clinical signs (dehydration, vomiting, painful abdomen, inflammatory leukogram) rather than the primary disease. Recurrent or severe cases can lead to diabetes and other complications, including organ damage.

In 2018, ISK announced the approval in Japan of BRENDA (fuzapladib sodium hydrate) for the “reduction of clinical signs associated with acute pancreatitis in dogs.” The investigational drug in the current study, which is similar to BRENDA but with differences in formulation and treatment duration, targets the leukocyte function–associated antigen 1 (LFA-1) pathway to aid in reducing inflammation within the pancreas and help to prevent systemic complications and multi-organ failure associated with ACP.

New Jersey–based AlcheraBio, a contract research organization and animal health consultancy, is actively recruiting veterinary practices to participate in the trial. Ideal practice sites will meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in diagnosing and treating ACP (currently diagnosing at least six to eight cases per year)
  • Ability to provide 24-hour care for hospitalized study patients
  • Experience as a clinical investigator site, or a commitment to training to become one

Benefits for participating practices include the following:

  • Covered testing and treatment for enrolled study dogs
  • Compensation for each evaluable case, plus a training honorarium and clinic incentives

Click here if you are interested in enrolling your practice in this trial.

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