Veterinary practice management software options

dvm360dvm360 March 2020
Volume 51
Issue 3

Practice management software can make managing your veterinary hospital infinitely easier, but choosing the product that’s best for your business is no easy task.

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Many veterinary hospitals utilize practice management software to help their business run more efficiently and profitably. Good software can help teams gather patient and client demographic information, schedule appointments, automate invoicing and accounting functions, keep patient medical records organized and up to date, track inventory, provide detailed reports about the function of the practice and much more.

Despite the abundance of available options, choosing the ideal software solution for your hospital can be daunting. It's a choice that requires serious consideration of your particular practice needs.

If you’re in the market for new practice management software, we’ve got great news. We’ve spoken with many of the major players and reviewed the market landscape to compile a detailed chart about many of the products on today’s market, including their features, functionality, costs, support and more. Our list is not exhaustive, however, and many other software options are available.

Think before you shop

The information we’ve provided on the following pages can save hours of research and help you narrow down your practice’s options. But before you select a product, be sure to consider your many business needs and desires. Here are some questions to think about:

  • What types of patient or client data would you like to capture?
  • Does your practice send electronic appointment reminders and offer online scheduling? (Hint: You should.)
  • Does your practice have more than one physical location?
  • Do you need to have access to your data even when the practice is closed?
  • Do you plan to expand or add services in the future?
  • How much can you afford in upfront and monthly costs?
  • Are you using any other apps or software products that must integrate into the management software?

The bottom line

Before you commit to a practice management software product, do your research and consult with colleagues to determine what they like and don't like about their software. And be sure to include your entire team in whatever decision you make.

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