3 must-reads for educating clients about parasite prevention

With spring on our heels, now is a great time to educate clients about the many harmful parasites that come out to play in the warmer months.

Flea, tick collars allegedly linked to nearly 1700 pet deaths, EPA monitoring situation

The EPA has received 75,000 incident reports involving Seresto since the flea and tick collar was introduced nearly a decade ago.

Fecal testing made easy, fast, clean, and accurate

Introducing leading-edge fecal flotation technology that can elevate your practice’s diagnostic capabilities, bringing expert clinical results to general practitioners. Sponsored by Zoetis.

Parasites are playing in America’s dog parks

Research reveals there may be worse things lurking in your local dog park than inattentive pet owners: namely, intestinal parasites and lots of them. Learn what this means for your veterinary practice and neighborhood.

5 ways to promote preventives

Practice manager Bash Halow offers his top tips for selling tick and flea products at your veterinary clinic.

New comprehensive ringworm panel now available

Antech’s FastPanel Ringworm PCR test allows veterinarians to diagnose and treat ringworm quickly, thus helping to prevent new and secondary infections.