Glucose requires monitoring in the canine/feline veterinary patient

Discover the significance of glucose and the diseases, conditions and symptoms related to hypoglycemia plus methods for monitoring glucose levels in dog and cat patients.

Tips for managing diabetes in dogs and cats

Successful management of diabetes in veterinary patients requires patience, data, and an individualized approach.

Detection of feline insulinoma with contrast-enhanced ultrasonography

CEUS may be a helpful presurgical screening tool for detecting lesions not apparent on conventional abdominal ultrasound.

Recognizing and confirming feline hyperthyroidism

In most cats, hyperthyroidism is a relatively straightforward diagnosis, but some cases require a more extensive workup, including measurement of the complete thyroid hormone panel.

FDA approves new therapy for canine hypothyroidism

ThyroKare is the second levothyroxine sodium product approved as replacement therapy for diminished thyroid function in dogs.