Suzanne Sewell, DVM


A piece of the pie

We keep a chart based on our monthly budget on the wall in the back hall of the hospital.

Lori-Jo Havener, LVT


Win big with CE

Attending a national veterinary conference offers big payoffs, but it often isn't free-unless you're one lucky team member at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital in Virginia Beach, Va. Lori-Jo Havener, LVT, planned a contest to give the practice's technicians and assistants a chance to attend a national veterinary conference.

Karen R. Munana, DVM, MS, DACVIM


Newer options for medically managing refractory canine epilepsy

Seizures are the most common neurologic problem encountered in small-animal practice.

Gary Landsberg DVM, DACVB, DECAWBM (companion animals)


Body language: It's required reading

Patients will tell you plenty about their emotional state if you simply pay attention.

Christina Macejko


CAPC launches parasite prevalence maps for pet owners

Consumer outreach efforts intended to drive clients to visit veterinary clinics.

Stephan J. Hauke, RPh


5 steps to success: Client compliance

Create 'maximum opportunity' to follow doctor's orders; confused clients can't comply

Colleen Cook


Star employees: Do you measure up?

We asked consultants, doctors, and award-winning team members what it means to be a top performer. Do you have what it takes?

Hugh B. Lewis, BVMS, DACVP


Analyzing the risk and benefits for vaccinations

There is a great deal of literature including many books on the science behind risk/benefit analysis. I reviewed some of them prior to writing this article, but try as I might, I could not incorporate much into the task at hand, namely doing a risk/benefit analysis of vaccination in pets.

Lori Thompson, DVM, DACVD


Canine Cushing's Case Files: The ins and outs of detection and treatment-Case file: Princess (Sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products)

Princess has a five-year history of pedal pruritus that routinely appears in the summer and fall and responds to topical and oral antibiotic and corticosteroid treatment.

Katherine Houpt, VMD, PhD, DACVB


Nutrition and behavior

Horses that are offered two sources of roughage are less likely to engage in stereotypic behaviors.

Dr. J.C. Burcham


How to suggest behavior training

Bring up behavioral issues without offending clients.

Ashley Griffin


Grow with the flow

For Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, bigger is way better for clients, patients and staff. Find out how this tiny clinic on the coast evolved into a hospital with an award-winning floor plan.

Dean A. Hendrickson, DVM, MS, DACVS


Advances in minimally invasive surgery for equines

The least expensive alternative for ovarian ligation is a hand-tied ligating loop.

Carolyn Arnold, DVM, DACVS


Surgical conditions of the male equine reproductive tract (Proceedings)

Lacerations to the stallion's penis typically occur when a stallion attempts to breed a mare across a fence, from the mare's tail hair or breeding stitch during coitus, or from improperly fitted stallion rings.

David A. Wilson, DVM, MS, DACVS


Equine field surgery- Urogenital surgery (Proceedings)

Goal of all techniques is to create a mucosal tunnel extending from the urethral orifice to near the mucocutaneous junction.

David Luck, DVM


Practical Matters: Early screening and the role of DARthroplasty as an intervention in young dogs with hip dysplasia

For too long, many veterinarians who have diagnosed hip dysplasia in young patients have informed the owners that the consequences will have to be dealt with later in life, when signs of osteoarthritis develop.

Barbara C. McCullough


Respecting a client's wishes

I received a copy of this first issue of your magazine. Thank you very much. I read it cover to cover and found lots of useful information in it. I plan to have each staff member read it also.

Marilyn Moats Kennedy


Generation management

We often hear baby boomer veterinarians grumble in their microbrews about the independent attitudes of thirty-something colleagues and even younger employees.

David C. Twedt, DVM, DACVIM


What to tell clients about cats' chronic diarrhea

Cat owners need to know all hope is not lost.

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