Elise M. Lacher, CPA

Elise M. Lacher, CPA, is co-founder of Strategic Veterinary Consulting in Seminole, Florida.


Why dont you talk to your accountant?

The days of set it and forget it when it comes to monitoring your veterinary hospitals finances are done. You cant fly blind as an ownerso start asking questions of the financial advisors at your disposal.

How to pick the right business structure for your veterinary practice

There are pros and cons to each possible business entity you might choose for your new veterinary hospital. No matter what, talk to an accountant and remember you need medical malpractice insurance. Inc. or not, its always your license and personal liability on the line when it comes to cases.

How to keep cash flowing in your veterinary practice

Positive cash flow is the lifeblood of your veterinary business, but there is much more to managing cash flow of your hospital than just looking at the balance in your bank account.

Creating a practice culture that values feedback

A veterinary practice’s success is highly dependent on employee commitment and engagement, both of which skyrocket when constructive feedback is offered.