Whats better than watching football? Watching puppies play football


These furry little athletes put the tail in tailgating. Check out who is competing in this years Puppy Bowl.

(Photo courtesy of Animal Planet)

The New England Patriots? What about the New England Pup-triots? If the latter sounds more your style, you're going to love Animal Planet's 2019 Puppy Bowl XV.

With 93 contestants hailing from 51 shelters all over the U.S. and Costa Rica, the talent pool in this year's lineup is just as diverse as it is adorable. Want your stats? Each pup took a Wisdom Panel canine DNA test to help predict advantages on the field as well as to provide potential adopters more information on the breed.

Click to download this image. (Graphic by Anissa Fritz.)

The two-hour long event will show Team Ruff and Team Fluff battling it out (Okay, more like rolling, tumbling and adorably flopping) at Geico Stadium in hopes to win the chewy.com “Lombarky” trophy. Regardless of which team takes the gold, every contestant will be going home with … well, a home. That's right, the Puppy Bowl has a 100-percent adoption rate for its contestants.

Don't worry cat lovers, there's fluffy feline entertainment for you too. The Kitty Halftime Show features performances by Adam Feline of Purrr-oon 5, the Atlanta Acro-Cats and more.

Puppy Bowl XV will air at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 3. Still can't get enough of the cuteness? You can watch the pregame show as well as other episodes and clips from previous Puppy Bowls here.

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