Three canine products for wondrous winter walks


Consider recommending these winter gear items, plus a little gift for the environment.

woman walking with dog in winter

Just because they come with built-in coats doesn't mean pets couldn't use help keeping warm during winter. (vvvita/

Yeah, dogs come with built-in coats. But they could still use an extra layer (or five) when it gets cold. We did the digging and found products that will make winter expeditions feel like a walk in the park. 

Get a grip

Help your canine clients start winter escapades off on the right foot, or should we say paw? Woodrow Wear presents the Power Paw Reinforced Foot. Made of durable materials designed for rough surfaces, these socks shield paws from the harsh elements of cold weather. Not only does it keep dogs warm, the Power Paw Reinforced Foot also gives them additional traction and better grip to avoid injury.  

Get tough on cold with Ruffwear

When the going gets rough, Ruffwear gets going. With a line made especially for outdoor winter adventures, Ruffwear keeps dogs warm with insulated and weather-resistant coats and accessories. By wearing garments like the Powder Hound Jacket, which is composed of recycled polyesters and lined with fleece, your canine patients can not only withstand the cold weather, but will look good doing it. 

Taking care of business 

This product comes in handy when dogs want to do more than make yellow snow. Compostable Dog Waste Poop Bags from Unni are leak-proof, BPI-certified and, well, compostable, as the name says. Picking up after their dogs in the snow may seem more bearable for your clients when they know they are doing their environmental duty by using these bags.  

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