Cytology sample results in 47 minutes? Yep.

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Volume 114
Issue 1

Tired of boxing up cytology samples and shipping them out? Fed up with waiting days for the results? The founders of Lacuna Diagnostics were too.

Photo courtesy of Lacuna Diagnostics.

Starting as an idea conjured over beers and coffee, evolving into a class project, and transforming into an industry-leading company, Lacuna Diagnostics technology allows veterinarians to send and receive cytology samples digitally.

Conor Blanchet, MPH, MBA, DVM Candidate (2019), and Lacuna's chief operating officer, noticed the habitually slow turnaround time for cytology samples during his time working in a clinical pathology diagnostic lab. “I witnessed hundreds of samples arrive at our doorstep that had broken in transit, had overheated or were nondiagnostic and the patient had left the clinic days before. I began to wonder-can we do this digitally?” says Blanchet.

Rather than boxing up samples and waiting for lab results, veterinarians are able to upload sample images from a cell phone to using Lacuna Snapshot. Another option for practices, especially operating at high-volume, is the Lacuna's one-click scanning device: Autoscan.

In addition to helping veterinarians move on with treatment quickly and confidently, Lacuna's services also impact the client. “As millennials are the largest demographic of pet owners in the country, every practice is competing for a new set of expectations from their clients. We expect answers now,” Blanchet says.

With Lacuna, answers are provided in as little as 47 minutes. Currently, Blanchet says Lacuna is the only company in the world who offers this service. With the waiting game eliminated, Lacuna's digital pathology technology gives veterinarians confidence for treatment while also providing peace of mind for clients.

“It is often difficult to put a dollar value on the emotional impact of time spent waiting. However, in those times intangibles are the most important,” says Bikul Koirala, co-founder of Lacuna Diagnostics.

Lacuna Diagnostics includes free training, 24/7 support, and direct communication with pathologists. Lacuna's Snapshot solution is $40 a sample, has no ongoing fees and is compatible with iOS, Android and cameras. At $80 a sample, according to Lacuna's website, Autoscan gives you crystal clear images with one click and comes at no cost to start.

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