Alexa, why is my dog throwing up?


Are you ready for this? Veterinary advice just a question away

(Photo courtesy of MyPetDoc)

Say hello to MyPetDoc, the first voice-activated artificial intelligence focused on answering the most common questions asked by pet owners.

“MyPetDoc is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence,” says Cal Lai, CEO of Vet24seven, the company behind MyPetDoc, on the company's website. “It gives pet owners unprecedented access to a veterinarian when it is needed most.”

MyPetDoc is the grandchild of Ask.Vet - a digital platform where pet owners can talk with veterinarians via direct message all day, everyday. User engagements from Ask.Vet were used to organize and collect the information found in MyPetDoc that is used to answer user's questions.

Digestive, dietary, dermatological and ophthalmologic issues are just a few of the many categories of animal health questions that MyPetDoc answers for pet owners in the comfort of their home. It's like Alexa, but for pets. No really, if they have Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices, your clients can use MyPetDoc. 

If users need further assistance, they have the option to be immediately connected with a licensed veterinarian over the phone for a small fee. Because the consumer is a MyPetDoc user, the DVM will already have the pet's background information, streamlining the conversation and answering the owner's questions quickly and accurately. 

Click here to see a video of MyPetDoc in action and how it deals with a vomiting dog. 

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