A modern take on veterinary practice ownership


Get a sneak peek into how practice ownership gets a makeover from Dr. Julie Reck at Fetch dvm360 in Baltimore, Kansas City and San Diego this year. (Hint: It's about leading and hiring.)

Two years after graduating veterinary school, Julie Reck, DVM, knew she wanted to open her own veterinary practice. Two years after that, she made her dream a reality when she opened the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Dr. Julie Reck“One of my favorite aspects of veterinary medicine is that you can combine your professional expertise with entrepreneurship,” Dr. Reck says.

As she heard about the hardships that come with owning a veterinary practice (i.e., grueling hours, mounting stress), Dr. Reck was determined to make her practice different.

“I invest extensively in leadership development among my staff, and I spend most of my professional time coaching my team to be their best. This has led to the creation of a very competent group of people,” she says. “Thanks to them, I'm afforded flexibility with my work schedule, financial freedom and a great work-life balance. It's through leadership that we have a new path available to the modern practice owner.”

Dr. Reck's love for creating an environment where veterinary professionals can deliver great patient care while also loving their job is the catalyst for “A modern take on practice ownership,” one of the sessions she'll be giving at the Fetch dvm360 conference this year.

“It's my hope that the session shines a new light on practice ownership,” she says. “When considering practice ownership it's important that an individual be clear and steadfast on why they are pursuing this path. Understanding our own ‘why' can help us form the right teams to support our vision and can lead to incredible levels of fulfillment."

You. Can. Do. This!

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