Yoga in the vet clinic: A lower back stretch

November 14, 2018
Torry Chamberlayne, RVT

Torry Chamberlayne, RVT, is a Los Angeles, California, field director for Banfield Pet Hospital.

Do you have two minutes? Feel instantly calmer with a simple stretch you can perform right in your veterinary hospital.

Whether it's wrangling a 150 lb Saint Bernard, hunching over a computer monitor or crouching to examine the kitten in the corner of the exam room, there are plenty of activities in the veterinary clinic that twist your body in taxing ways.

As Fetch dvm360 conference wellness ambassador and certified yoga instructor Torry Chamberlayne, RVT, puts it: "We bend a lot when we're in veterinary medicine-we're bending down, we're bending forward, we're at the computer."

What's wrong with my posture in the veterinary exam room?

In the video below she demonstrates the gentle spinal twist, a move that will help untangle your torso.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you mimic her motions:

  • Keep your hips facing forward
  • Twist from the mid-waist
  • Make that twist gentle-don't “pull” yourself into it
  • Keep your gaze the same direction your chest is pointing

Chamberlayne suggests investing in this quick self-care exercise three or four times during the day.

Watch her perform the move below and follow her Instagram account, @the_yin_yogi, for more information on yoga and meditation for vet professionals.

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