Torry Chamberlayne, RVT

Torry Chamberlayne, RVT, is a Los Angeles, California, field director for Banfield Pet Hospital.


What have apps done for you lately? (Ooh ooh ooh yeah)

Youre a working parent and youre a full-time employee. So much to do, so little time. Torry Chamberlayne, RVT shares her favorite apps for getting it all done.

Yoga in the vet clinic: Shoulder blade stretch

Have you built up stress and tightness working in the veterinary practice? Stretch out this hard-to-reach spot and push it all away.

Yoga in the vet clinic: A lower back stretch

Do you have two minutes? Feel instantly calmer with a simple stretch you can perform right in your veterinary hospital.

Expelliarmus debtus! Magic tricks for facing student debt

OK, theres no spell for veterinary technicians or vet tech students to cast and make student debt disappear. Believe me, Ive tried. However, the tips and tricks Ive found along the way are pretty magical indeed.