Clinical Discussion : Episode 15

Why shadowing makes all the difference for nurturing a career in vet med


And how a single "yes" can inspire a young student and propel them to a future in a animal health care

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This segment of dvm360 Live!™ is all about the positive benefits of shadowing in the veterinary profession. The dialogue opens by shining a spotlight on a staggering number: 6 million students harbor dreams of becoming veterinarians. Chris Carpenter, DVM, and Stephanie Jones, DVM, collectively underscore the importance of offering a guiding hand to these aspiring minds, particularly those aged under 13, who are eager to gain firsthand experience. The group wants to encourage veterinarians to open their doors, welcome these young, future veterinarians and techs, and introduce them to the exciting world of animal care.

Jones recounts her inspiring journey of starting a shadow program that has witnessed a surge in demand, showcasing the immense appetite among youth for veterinary exposure. The narrative is interspersed with anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of how seemingly small interactions can spark tremendous enthusiasm within these budding veterinarians. Both Carpenter and Jones share instances of students blossoming under their guidance, echoing the sentiment that these encounters are as transformative for the mentors as they are for the mentees. The profound passion exuded by these young minds becomes a source of inspiration, reaffirming the significance of mentorship in shaping the future of the veterinary profession.

Watch the full video above to learn more about how shadowing, mentoring, and a new app can help to shape the future of veterinary medicine.

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