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ICU bootcamp

Discover the strategies you need to develop standard protocols and best practices in critical care units, as well as important tools to maintain mental health while working in such a stressful and demanding environment.

AAFP releases feline hypertension toolkit

This new digital resource will help veterinary professionals access and gather vital information quickly.

When intentions don’t match results: why well-being plans fail

Find out why your plan to improve personal well-being isn’t working, and learn how to tailor your strategy for success.

News wrap-up: This week's veterinary headlines, plus an exciting announcement

Here's a sneak peek at some of this week's headlines.

Pediatric and geriatric anesthesia considerations

Old and young patients have unique needs when it comes to anesthesia. Understanding the pharmacodynamics of sedative, analgesic, and induction agents will improve safety and stability for all your anesthesia patients, regardless of age.

The sound of music in veterinary medicine

Certain musical tones and melodies have proven to elicit calming responses in animals. Learn how music therapy can benefit your pets and patients.