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New nonprofit to tackle the lack of diversity in veterinary medicine

Pawsibilities connects individuals from underrepresented groups and offers mentorship opportunities.

Colorado squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague

The risk for contracting this infectious disease, which in the United States occurs primarily in the West, is extremely low when precautions are taken.

Cat food recalled due to elevated levels of choline chloride

J. M. Smucker has recalled one lot of a cat food brand because of potential health concerns associated with high levels of this organic compound.

Fetch dvm360 announces combined virtual veterinary conference

Registration is now open for the first virtual Fetch dvm360 conference, which combines three of our exclusive annual live events: Fetch Baltimore, Hospital Design 360 and Fetch Kansas City.

FDA approves ophthalmic emetic for dogs

Clevor adds another, simpler weapon in the veterinarian’s arsenal for inducing emesis following toxin or foreign body ingestion in canine patients.

New York dog tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, but pet cases remain rare

Testing by the USDA confirms that this the first case of the virus in a pet dog in the U.S.