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Fetch dvm360 announces combined virtual veterinary conference

Registration is now open for the first virtual Fetch dvm360 conference, which combines three of our exclusive annual live events: Fetch Baltimore, Hospital Design 360 and Fetch Kansas City.

FDA approves ophthalmic emetic for dogs

Clevor adds another, simpler weapon in the veterinarian’s arsenal for inducing emesis following toxin or foreign body ingestion in canine patients.

New York dog tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, but pet cases remain rare

Testing by the USDA confirms that this the first case of the virus in a pet dog in the U.S.

Merck Animal Health to acquire Sentinel parasite products

Currently owned by Virbac, Sentinel Flavor Tabs and Sentinel Spectrum Chews generated about $70 million in U.S. sales last year.

AVMA cancels 2020 convention amid COVID-19 concerns

The association is exploring the possibility of a virtual conference.

Canine coronavirus in the U.S.—How should veterinary practices respond?

Yes, a dog tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, but there is no need for owners to panic, says Dr. Scott Weese. People pose a far greater risk to pets than vice versa.