FDA approves ophthalmic emetic for dogs


Clevor adds another, simpler weapon in the veterinarian’s arsenal for inducing emesis following toxin or foreign body ingestion in canine patients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine announced today the approval of Clevor (ropinirole ophthalmic solution) for the induction of vomiting in dogs. The drug is a dopamine agonist that is instilled by drops in the dog’s eye.

The most common indications for emesis induction in dogs are when the dog has ingested a toxin/poison or an object that can’t pass through the intestinal tract.

In a clinical field efficacy study in which Clevor was administered to 100 client-owned dogs to induce vomiting of their last meal (no toxins or harmful objects were given to the dogs), 95% of treated dogs vomited within 30 minutes. Emesis occurred after the first dose in 86% of the dogs; 14% required a second dose, which was given 20 minutes after the first.

Clevor’s safety was demonstrated in a laboratory study in which the drug was administered twice daily for three days in 24 dogs. “The study supported the safe use of Clevor for the induction of vomiting when administered topically into the eye,” according to the FDA release.

The most common adverse effects associated with Clevor administration were consistent with those seen with other drugs in the dopamine agonist class, including tremors, lethargy, vomiting, increased heart rate and decreased blood pressure. These drug-related effects resolved within six hours after dosing.

Eye-related adverse effects observed in the studies included redness, blepharospasm, conjunctival discharge, eye swelling, visible third eyelid, ptosis, and corneal ulceration.

Clevor is available by prescription only, as it should be administered only by veterinary personnel with the expertise to ensure safe use of the drug, assess the patient for contraindications and monitor for adverse reactions. The drug is available in a 0.3-mL, prefilled, single-dose dropper and is supplied in one or five droppers per carton.

Human exposure to Clevor may result in headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, orthostatic hypotension and sleepiness; medical attention should be sought in the case of accidental exposure.

Clevor is made by Finland-based Orion Corp.

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