Feline Medicine

Shelter Snapshot: Infectious respiratory disease in animal shelters

The widening geography of pet travel has increased an already significant problem in animal shelters and other veterinary facilities that house commingled animals. Here’s the latest.

Exploring human drug for feline coronavirus

To set the stage for probing the human anti-malaria drug mefloquine as an agent for combatting feline corona- and caliciviruses, researchers map out its pharmacokinetic profile in cats.

Treating diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs: What are your goals?

Nearly all veterinary patients with diabetes are managed with a combination of insulin therapy, diet, and weight management. Here’s the latest.

AAHA/AAFP release updated feline vaccine guidelines

The guidelines stress the importance of individualized vaccine recommendations based on a host of factors related to patient exposure and susceptibility risk.

Polyuria and polydipsia: streamlining your veterinary diagnostics

Understanding the mechanisms involved with PU/PD, in addition to obtaining a careful medical history, can help clinicians select the appropriate diagnostic tests.