Feline Medicine

All about cats: the latest research, misconceptions and more

In this Episode 9 of the Vet Blast Podcast, pet expert Steve Dale talks with Dr. Adam Christman about some ground-breaking research and shares a few nuggets about his upcoming Fetch talks.

State veterinary groups endorse ‘Feline Fix By Five Months’

Four state VMAs have joined the major national veterinary organizations in endorsing the spaying and neutering cats before age 5 months.

Cranking the heat on feline heartworm testing

Research shows that traditional methods for heartworm testing using nonheated samples likely underestimate the true prevalence of feline heartworm.

When cats get hangry…

A new study finds an explanation for why it’s so difficult for owners of obese cats to restrict their pet’s diet.

FDA OKs cell therapy clinical trial for feline gingivostomatitis

The investigational trial will evaluate the safety, efficacy, and potency of using stem cells to treat cats with refractory gingivostomatitis.