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The dvm360® feline medicine page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and insights on the latest in veterinary feline medicine. This page consists of videos, interviews, articles, podcasts, and research on the advancements and developments of therapies for feline medicine, and more.

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Caring for the cat with diabetes
Caring for the cat with diabetes

July 18th 2024

How new medications on the market are improving the lives of cats and pet owners.

erythrocyte sedimentation rate test
Uncovering the role of erythrocyte sedimentation rate as an inflammatory marker

July 11th 2024

(Photo courtesy of Chulalongkorn University)
New cat urine test kit screens for hematuria via noninvasive procedure

July 2nd 2024

A new era in feline care
A new era in feline care

June 24th 2024

Lion on a hill
How lion migrations affected their genetic variability

June 20th 2024

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