Episode 78: A deep dive into cat allergies


In this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Adam Christman interviews Steve Dale, CABC, on the topic of feline allergies.

Speaking on The Vet Blast Podcast, Steve Dale, CABC, started with client misconceptions about pet allergies. Pet parents might expect cats (and dogs) to sneeze because that's what people are used to with human allergies. He also mentioned that clients usually believe their cat's allergies are food-related. He said, "When people go online, they automatically say 'food...' It's not always the food. In fact I would argue it's typically not the food." He then warned that without proper education, people will waste money going down the wrong path.

Flipping the topic on its head, Dale spoke about a breakthrough product that actually helps people who are allergic to cats. "There's a food out, a cat food, that prevents people from being allergic to cats. What it does...it neutralizes the protein on the cat's saliva that people are allergic to...To me...it's mindblowing. To me, this is the best thing for cats since catnip."

Listen to the full podcast below for more.

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