Equine Medicine

Trainers, veterinarians indicted for giving racehorses performance-enhancing drugs

Charges have been filed against 27 individuals in the $100 billion global horse racing industry.

Surgery STAT: How to perform a caudal epidural in horses

Caudal epidural anesthesia allows for invasive procedures while the horse is sedated in standing position without pain or discomfort.

Periodontal disease in horses: What causes it—and how to fix it

Research is limited in this area of equine veterinary care, but one practitioner has an approach that works.

Boehringer Ingelheim awards five veterinarians with equine research funds

Five researchers will each receive $15,000 to continue their investigations on respiratory conditions in horses.

Strangles: Identifying the chronic shedder

Clients are often quick to place blame on the new horse for introducing strangles to a herd, but veterinarians who provide appropriate client education can control the pandemonium before it begins.

Hay is for horses, but what if it leads to asthma?

Research has shown that reducing dust and mold exposure from hay may help combat inflammatory airway disease and improve performance in racehorses. We talk with researchers who are studying this problem.