Updated EquiTrace app integrates wth HISA Portal


Ensures trainers, veterinarians, and racetracks comply with latest HISA rules

The Irish tech company EquiTrace, in partnership with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA), announced the integration of its app with the HISA Portal. The expanded app offers a user-friendly digital tool to help racing participants and stakeholders comply with HISA’s rules, which were fully enforced beginning yesterday.

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quentinjlang / stock.adobe.com

According to a company release,1 EquiTrace will use the HISA flag system to determine if a Covered Horse “Can Race” or “Cannot Race,” based on compliance with HISA’s Registration and Racetrack Safety rules, by receiving information directly from the HISA Portal.

“Horse welfare is our priority,” expressed Kevin Corley, BVM&S, BSc (Vet Sc), MS, PhD, DECEIM, DACVIM, DACVECC, MRCVS, founder, EquiTrace, in a company release.1 “No one wants a horse to go untreated for an injury because of fears of a positive drug test. I wanted to reduce stress for trainers, veterinarians, and racetracks. Our novel way of supporting the industry with HISA’s changes is one of the many benefits of EquiTrace.”

EquiTrace connects to a Bluetooth microchip scanner and can detect Covered Horses registered with HISA and The Jockey Club. Additionally, the app can determine Covered Horses without using a microchip scanner by searching for the Covered Horse’s name. When the Covered Horse is discovered, medications can be scanned into the app by barcode or searched and logged to the horse’s digital record. EquiTrace allows users to review all records at the end of each day to submit to HISA, or the user can set up an automatic submission function to HISA.

EquiTrace gets rid of much of the additional administration time so that all medication records can be submitted within the 24-hour timeframe required with the new regulations. The Coggins test, vaccines, and other health records required by HISA can be automatically uploaded and sent directly to HISA through the app so that your Covered Horse meets all requirements to race.

Along with displaying the HIWU-published Detection Times, EquiTrace allows veterinarians to enter their independently determined withdrawal interval based on this information, which puts up a flag on the Covered Horse’s record so the horse is not inadvertently entered to race within the set withdrawal interval.1


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