Equine supplement for immune defense in horses is launched


The new product from Covetrus is the first of its kind to rely on these natural mushroom extracts to help keep horses thriving and performing at optimal levels

Covetrus, a company focusing on animal health technology and services, has launched SmartImmune Mushroom from SmartPak, a first-of-its-kind equine supplement made from a “powerful mushroom extract blend that can help support a horse's natural defenses against foreign pathogens.” Additionally, it features naturally occurring botanicals to help the body cope with stress.

The new SmartImmune Mushroom product (Photo courtesy of Covetrus).

The new SmartImmune Mushroom product (Photo courtesy of Covetrus).

"SmartImmune Mushroom offers comprehensive immune defense and provides a unique and innovative approach to supporting healthy immune function in horses," said Ashlee LeCompte Lazic, director, health product development at Covetrus, in the company release.1

"Stress is ubiquitous, and research has demonstrated that it can compromise immune function. So if a horse has a heavy workload, travels often, or is simply dealing with the daily cellular stress of stall rest or natural aging, consider a targeted supplement designed to support immune resilience, like SmartImmune Mushroom," she concluded.

Stressors including training, trailering, showing, vaccination, seasonal allergies, or the natural aging process can make horses feel worn down or more susceptible to health problems. SmartImmune Mushroom's breakthrough formula couples adaptogenic botanicals—a naturally occurring substance that exerts a normalizing effect upon bodily processes—with the fruiting body extracts of chaga, cordyceps, maitake, shitake, and reishi mushrooms.1 Each ingredient is carefully sourced from their native geographical areas and grown naturally on native materials for maximum potency. The antioxidant-rich extracts were chosen for their immunomodulatory properties and help support cellular health, restore homeostasis, and reduce the effect of stress on the equine body.

What’s more, SmartImmune Mushroom contains high concentrations of beta glucans, the polysaccharide component of the mushroom known for its ability to support a horse's digestive microbiome.1 Research has displayed that beta glucans can increase the body's production of pathogen-fighting white blood cells and may be beneficial for a horse when ingested before demanding events.2

Adaptogenic herbs, including astragalus, American ginseng, and echinacea are also included in the SmartImmune Mushroom formula and have been shown to stimulate the horse's antibody response to foreign pathogens. Thus, it’s an ideal option for natural immune support.3

"Since 1999, we've been on a mission at SmartPak to power your passion by using our ingenuity to power healthy horses and happy riders," added Lazic. "SmartImmune Mushroom is another example of how Covetrus continues to innovate to meet the needs of horse owners and veterinarians while keeping horses thriving and performing at optimal levels."

The product is available nationwide and can be ordered directly by horse owners at the SmartPak Equine website.


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