The malformed canine heart

Congenital defects that affect the canine heart have hallmark signatures traceable on puppy exam. Understanding the subtle differences in how they present enables the veterinarian to bring clarity and hope to a dog born with a faulty heart.

Top 5 ailments in senior dogs

Early detection of disease is key to maximizing an older dog’s quality of life. Teaching owners about common ailments can help these ptients get appropriate treatment sooner rather than later.

The dvm360 toolkit: Honing in on heartworm disease

Matters of the heart can get tricky. That’s why we’ve developed a host of tools to help you get a handle on heartworm disease in dogs and cats. (With an educational grant provided by Bayer)

Embracing routine testing for heartworm in cats

Why cats shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to routine heartworm testing.

Evaluating a new radiographic tool for canine heart disease diagnosis

In the spirit of “building a better mousetrap,” researchers have tested a novel measurement protocol—the manubrium heart score—for flagging cardiac disease in dogs.

Reading ECGs in veterinary patients: an introduction

Understanding the basic electrical principles of the heart is essential for interpreting this valuable diagnostic test.