Personnel Management

Understanding your millennial team members

Here's what you need to know about managing millennials at your veterinary practice.

2 tests to check your stress

Sharing resources from her own educational journey on mental health, secondary trauma and burnout, Fetch dvm360 speaker Hilal Dogan, BVSc, CCTP, shared a pair of self-assessments and an urgent call for an important persons self-care—yours.

What veterinarians can learn from dentists

Could dentists teach DVMs a thing or two about business focus, scheduling and client service?

Decision Data: Hiring a practice manager?

A dive into data yields insights on the decision to hire a practice manager undertaken by different-sized veterinary practices—and how satisfied the owners and managers were with the results.

Practice tip: Pay a bounty for missed charges

Get your veterinary team excited about catching missed charges.

The power of trauma-informed care

With a little work and a lot of commitment, could the vision of trauma-informed care and leadership from the human medical world transform your veterinary hospital for the better?