Bianca Murphy, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice)


Conducting avian fecal assessments

Primary and secondary cytologic abnormalities, the species, and how the sample is collected are among the foundational considerations

Ellen Bishai, VDM, PhD


The importance of heartworm prevention in cats (yes, cats)

A personal account and cautionary tale for pet owners whose felines “never go outside”

Becky Gasser, NCARB


Designing for emergency cases

Curtail stressors, increase staff productivity, and enable smoother transitions from the client's car to treatment spaces using these design concepts.

Jackie Dueñas, DVM


Cómo mi herencia cubana marcó mi carrera veterinaria

Todos tenemos una historia. Para entender la mía, es importante saber que mi historia va más allá de mí, que es un relato de aquellos que vinieron antes.

Rachael Kreisler, VMD, MSCE, DACVPM (Epidemiology)


Why are there so many different models for COVID-19?

Well-known British statistician George Box famously said all models are wrong, but some are useful. Here’s what he meant — and why you may find disease modeling for the novel coronavirus so confusing.

Erik Zager, DVM, DACVECC


SSRI/SNRI toxicity: what you need to know

An expert outlines the risks and treatments.

Denise Pancari, DVM


Positive reinforcement training

New owners can positively enforce their pets’ household behavior and enrich the environment their pet is in

Scott Neabore, DVM


From new grad to veterinary practice owner

I started my own practice 4 years after graduating from veterinary school. Here’s how.

Lori Cobb, VMD


Combining the best of private practice with clinic spay/neuter care

The author opines on speed, safety, and surgery skills needed for this common procedure.

Erika Petrosino, MBA, CVPM, CVT


3 wellness plan dos and don’ts

Looking to add wellness plans to your veterinary clinic’s offerings? Here’s some advice to consider first.

Jeff Horvath, MBA, SHRM-SCP


One leader’s story with mental illness

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, Jeff Horvath, MBA, SHRM-SCP, shares his battle with severe anxiety and acute panic disorder.

Michele Leso, VMD


Success is in the details when transporting heartworm+ dogs

Treatment, travel, and receiving are challenging but achievable with a coordinated, detailed plan

Bob Alaburda, Director of Special Projects


A deep dive with Dr Andrew Rosenberg

Learn how Dr Rosenberg balances multiple roles as a veterinarian

Tasha Ostrowski, RVT


Oncology myths, part 2

Experts separate fact from fiction

Peter H. Tanella, Esq


Veterinary-owned management companies: Why not?

How entrepreneurial veterinarians can reap benefits of a corporate practice while remaining independent

Daniel D. Chapel, AIA, NCARB


Alexa, turn the electricity back on!

Consider these factors if you’re thinking of purchasing an electrical backup generator for your veterinary hospital.

Andrew S. Hanzlicek, DVM, MS, DACVIM (SAIM)


Diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in small animals

Learn how to navigate challenges and make a speedier diagnosis

Jennifer Aniya, DVM, DACVD


The buzz on insect-based pet food: a new hypoallergenic protein source?

A dermatologist breaks down the state of research on insect-based diets

Sabrina Beck, CVT, CVBL


5 pearls for recruiting veterinary employees

Master writing the job posting to find the best fits for your clinic

Jennifer Zanetti, CVT


Implementing low-stress handling at your practice

Traditional handling methods are being replaced by a more thoughtful and gentle approach.

Michelle Bellville, DVM


Addressing the affordability gap: Proactive financial client conversations

Financial hardships can cause frustration for everyone involved, but having proactive conservations can help prepare clients for future veterinary care needs

Kyle Klement, CEO of the Vet Marketing Firm


Build an outside-the-box veterinary website

Use these six steps to keep your practice website out of the litter box.

Ruth Fisher, PhD


An overview of cannabis for pets

Topics covered include the history of cannabis use in veterinary medicine, current laws on cannabis for pets, market size and segment, reported experiences from both pet owners and veterinarians, and pet toxicology.

Caitlee Callahan


Is feeding a raw meat-based diet worth the health risks?

Recent research on necessary precautions when feeding dogs this diet

Valerie C. Marcano Gomez, DVM, PhD, ACPV


The dangers of performative allyship

When it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, actions speak louder than words

Caroline Massard, CVT


Overcoming workplace ruts

Eight ways to help you reignite your passion for veterinary medicine

Michael Natale, LVT


October crossword puzzle: Happy National Veterinary Technician Week!

Take a mental break from the day and celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week with this technician-inspired crossword puzzle!

Jessica Nord, VMD


How to stay calm during emergencies

Preparation and mindset are critical in performing under stress

Roshica Dehaney


The Paw-fect prescription: Antimicrobials for staphylococcal infections in small animals

Antimicrobials are crucial for the effective treatment of staphylococcal infections, and it’s critical to choose the right one

Daniel Eisenstadt


Terravet and the future of veterinary real estate ownership

Options for relieving the burdens and responsibilities of real estate management as a veterinary professional.

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