Dusty Oedekoven, DVM, DACVPM


Every veterinarian must care about African swine fever

Worldwide disease threatens all wild and domestic pigs

Mehal Punjabi


Creating the Tails of Wellness project

To help encourage and remind veterinary professionals to take care of their mental and physical health, one dvm360 student ambassador launched the Tails of Wellness project.

Millie Grimes, DVM


Antibiotics in canine GI disease: when to use and when to ditch

Antimicrobials may be prescribed due to convenience, habit or good intentions, but in the absence of evidence to support their use, they should be avoided in systemically healthy animals. Here’s why.

Christine Mullin VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)


Treatment options for canine lymphoma

Assessing traditional and recently approved therapies for canine lymphoma

Ryan Leech, BBA


Veterinary industry trends to watch in 2024 (Part 2)

More emerging trends to keep on your radar in the next year and beyond

Bella L. Bean, PharmD Candidate


Live vaccines in companion animals may pose risk to immunocompromised humans

Patients with cystic fibrosis, chronic granulomatous disease, leukocyte adhesion deficiency, myeloperoxidase deficiency, and Chediak-Higashi syndrome may acquire infection.

Da Chang, chief operating officer, BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital


Allyship: the role we each can play to propel society forward

How allyship can help make progress toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future

Miles Saunders


Make it happen: Personal and practice financial growth for veterinarians

For veterinary practice owners, professional and personal goals and growth go hand in hand. Success is achieved through time, effort, discipline, and sacrifice—and a little professional guidance.

Mary Lopez, MSOL


Attracting veterinary talent in a competitive market

It is important to evaluate current recruiting processes and engage existing employees within an organization.

AVMA Veterinary Economics Division staff


How to attract and keep staff in a job seeker’s market

Some tips on how you can recruit and retain talented professionals

Michael Huffaker, DVM


Assessing the risk of avian influenza

The current status of disease outbreak, concerns about transmission, and how veterinary professionals can help keep patients, clients, and staff safe

Beverly Starr


Using empathy statements to put stressed-out clients at ease

Kindness is the best defense against negative emotions.

Raisa Vélez-Contreras


Amplifying Advocacy: A veterinary student's journey in addressing pressing issues in the veterinary industry

One dvm360® student ambassador shares what it was like to participate in the Legislative Fly-in with the American Veterinary Medical Association

Rick Marrinson, DVM


Lufenuron: The miracle you may have forgotten

This article is sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

Basepaws science and research team


Basepaws seeks participants for feline and canine dermatitis research

The health data from these studies may inform the development of new screening tools, says Basepaws.

Natalia Santos, DVM


Matters of the heart: Educating clients about feline heartworm disease prevention

Summer is just about here, and so are the mosquitoes. Here’s why—and how—to talk to your clients about heartworm disease prevention in cats.

Dane Whitaker, DVM, MPVM, PrideVMC president


Talking pride in the veterinary profession

A Q&A with PrideVMC President Dane Whitaker, DVM, MPVM

Carolyn Piché, BS (Biomedical Science)


Why are there so many different models for COVID-19?

Well-known British statistician George Box famously said all models are wrong, but some are useful. Here’s what he meant — and why you may find disease modeling for the novel coronavirus so confusing.

David Lurie, BVSc; Diplomate, ACVIM (Oncology); Diplomate, ACVR (Radiation Oncology)


Clinical case study: Radiation therapy for facial mast cell tumor in a beagle

From the clinical examination to procedure and treatment methods to the outcome, discover this beagle’s experience undergoing radiation therapy for an MCT.

Amelia G. White, DVM, MS, DACVD


Managing superficial pyoderma with light therapy

Phovia is highly effective for treating superficial and deep skin infections.

Kelsey Gustafson, Associate Editor


Convert an existing building into a veterinary hospital

Cut costs and help protect the environment by repurposing an existing structure for your practice.

Molly Allen, DVM, DACVAA


Anesthesia for the geriatric patient

Because the risk for anesthesia-associated complications increases in patients with advanced age, a thorough preanesthetic assessment and patient stabilization and monitoring are required for the best outcomes.

Claire Newton-Ransom BSc (Hons)


Do women sell their skills differently than men?

Current research shows a gap between what women put on their CVs and resumes versus men

Ellen Carozza, LVT, VTS (CP-Feline)


To groom or not to groom: What is necessary for our feline friends?

Exploring what factors impact the decision whether or not to groom a cat

Shannon Stolz, Senior Editor of Special Projects


Canine separation anxiety: prioritizing treatment

The effects of separation anxiety in dogs and available treatment methods

Kerri Nelson, DVM, PGRS-C


Fluid therapy and the role of the endothelial glycocalyx

Knowing how to approach critical patients is key.

Robert Eisemann, DVM


An open letter to my fellow 2020 graduates

On the precipice of graduation, one new veterinarian chooses to look boldly toward the future rather than dwell on what he has missed.

Jennifer Evans


Life after coming out in veterinary medicine

In honor of Pride Month, one veterinary professional shares her journey of coming out in veterinary medicine and what life has been like since

Zay Satchu, DVM


Career advancement for the veterinary team

Hey team members, are you looking for professional advancement and personal satisfaction? Here’s what you need to know.

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