Charles D. McMillan, DVM


Addressing concerns of a dwindling veterinary labor force: steps toward sustainability

Dr Charles McMillan created a list of areas he finds paramount to the discussion of sustainable solutions for revitalizing the veterinary labor force.

Aileen Yum-Chan


Using mandibular thickness measurements to predict dental disorders in alpacas

Research reveals connection of mandibular thickness with specific risk factors in alpacas, including age, gender, and dental disorders and further implications

Josep Aisa, DVM, DECVS


Cardiac tumors in dogs and cats

Considerations for the use of echocardiography to evaluate suspected tumors located in the heart.

Phil Tucak, BSc, BVMS


Veterinary scene down under: Video games and its link to veterinary medicine, and more news

Updates on the veterinarian with a life-long passion for gaming who has developed a games industry review and news website; and a training course that focuses entirely on supporting the emotional health of veterinary and medical professionals.

Mia Cary, DVM


How to leverage allyship to create more inclusive cultures

If a workplace or any environment is inclusive, then those who work there or visit will feel that they belong

Christopher Shapley DVM, CVA


Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine 101

The age-old practices of acupuncture and herbal medicine can work well with modern medicine to improve your patients’ health. Here are the basics.

Sarah M. Erlingheuser, PharmD Candidate


Something’s in the water: Human impact on guppy behavior

An overview of research regarding environmental factors on the behavior and survival traits of wild guppies

Feliza Lopez, LVT, VTS (ECC)


Celebrating cultural representation in veterinary medicine

A veterinary technician in the Latinx community shares her personal experiences, the importance of diversity, and encouragement for her fellow animal care professionals

Megan Kelly, DVM


Veterinary experience help to forge a new career path

Animal health professionals can put their skills to work and earn income with an online business

Eric Van Eerde, DVM, DACVR


Advanced imaging modalities in veterinary medicine

CT and MRI continue to gain traction as they become more widely available and less costly. Their diagnostic superiority over radiography will improve the treatment of some common diseases in small animal patients.

Tom Rothwell, DVM, PhD


Paleontology for veterinarians: The evolution of cats and carbohydrates

Cats are clearly obligate carnivores. So, why are cat foods so high in carbohydrates, and what should be done about it?

Jennifer Schissler, DVM, MS


Think like a dermatologist: untangling itch

Tips for providing optimal diagnostics and treatment for your veterinary patients with skin concerns.

Kristin Hohman


4 Nontraditional dental practices

These unique practices offer patients new experiences and give dental professionals flexibility.

Curt R. Coffman, DVM, DAVDC


The decade of dentistry: moving veterinary dentistry forward

What the future may hold for the expanding field of veterinary dentistry

Katie Hoddinott, DVM, DVSc, BSc, DACVS-SA


Primary bone tumors in dogs

How to address this disease when found in canines

Ethel Ava Pawlak


Celebrating National Veterinary Receptionist Week by normalizing gratitude

Hardworking veterinary receptionists and other team members should be celebrated all year long. Here are some easy strategies to help you do just that and more.

Aishwarya Chitnis


COVID-19: Double trouble for an international veterinary student

A first-year veterinary student shares the harsh realities and silver linings of living in a foreign country during COVID-19.

Courtney Smith, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)


NT-proBNP Testing: An important tool for veterinary practitioners

Explore the vital role this biomarker test plays in identifying cardiac conditions in dogs, plus how to use it in daily practice (Sponsored by BIONOTE).

Aileen Yum-Chan, PharmD


Deer: supplemental feeding may reduce tick populations

There has been a spike in the past decade of ticks and tick-borne diseases, but what is causing the increase?

George Melillo, VMD


Essential ingredients for growing a practice

Growing a veterinary practice in a healthy, sustainable way that provides quality care, great client service, and keeps a team highly engaged is no easy feat. So how do you do it?

Rahul Varshneya


5 Must-have software solutions that will propel your practice to the next level

Take advantage of the latest technology to scale operations in 2022 and beyond

Matt Panasevich, PHD(Nutritional Science)


Nutrition credentials and their role in pet food formulation

Two experts in veterinary nutrition share their differing perspectives as a result of their distinct paths through the industry

Leslie Bauer, DVM, DABVP


From scrubs to skills: Navigating veterinary mentorship with Dr. Sushicat

If you work in a facility that may not offer formalized training for students, technicians, or new graduates, just dipping your toe into a mentoring role can elevate yourself, your practice, and the mentee.

Robert Sanchez


How would Walt Disney run a veterinary practice?

“First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.” —Walt Disney

Sarah Boman, AIA, AAA, NCARB


COVID-19 keepers: Practice design changes that should stay

The pandemic brought abrupt change to the practice of veterinary medicine. Here’s why and how these adaptations can actually advance the future of your veterinary practice.

Jessica Stroupe, DVM


Dogs, kids, wine, and everything's fine: A quarantine poem

One veterinarian and practice owner uses poetry and humor to share what it might be like to be a veterinarian in quarantine.

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