What makes a veterinary practice street sign work (and what doesnt)

April 15, 2016

Don't let your sign detract from the quality care you provide. Use these tips to boost your curb appeal.

“Ooo! Look at that faded, peeling sign and those scraggly, urine-soaked bushes! That's where I want to take my pet!” said no veterinary client ever. The exterior of your facility is the first thing clients and potential clients see as they drive past-or pull into your parking lot. Are you making a good first impression? Veterinary architect Dave Gasser, AIA, NCARB, of BDA Architecture in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers these four things to take into consideration to make your practice's exterior shine.

Market with your sign

A poorly designed or poorly maintained sign will detract from your practice's exterior image. The style of lettering, selected colors and how you light the sign can have an effect on the level of care clients perceive you provide. Make sure your exterior matches the personality of your practice (folksy, just like home or high-tech?) and the level of care you take pride in.

Tryon Equine Hospital

Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod

Show off style with your sign

Think about developing a cohesive design that flows throughout your practice, from exterior styling and interior design, to letterhead and even uniforms. Spend some time developing a logo that can be used in these places. Details such as these can go a long way with clients.

City Vet exterior signage

City Vet interior signage, which continues the exterior theme.


Stick around with your sign

Yes, having a functional radiograph machine, or practice management software with up-to-date codes so you're charging clients appropriately are essential to keeping your practice running, but maintenance to the exterior of your building is just as important. If you've got a painted sign, use paint that will stand up to outdoor use and won't fade immediately. And repaint it if needed with the seasons. If you've got a lighted sign, make sure you replace the bulbs as soon as they burn out. No one wants to come to ABC Pe_ Ho_pital.

Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

Add green to your sign

Take cues from the styling of your building and your surroundings when planning the landscaping for your lot. A lush tropical theme may work in Florida, but will look out of place in North Dakota. Choosing the right types of plants will go a long way in tying your exterior together. Whatever you choose, make sure you water it!

Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists