How USP changes to beyond-use dates might affect your practice


Melissa King, PharmD, explains the difference between beyond-use dates and expiration dates and how upcoming USP changes may impact inventory

Melissa King, PharmD, director of manufacturing at Epicur Pharma, dives into the proposed USP guidlines on beyond-use dates. To learn more about this topic, read her article that appeared in the November 2023 issue of dvm360®, "Drug expiration dates: Information your practice needs for less risk, higher margins."

Below is a partial transcript. See the full video above for more:

Melissa King, PharmD: The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) will be changing, or has proposed changes, to beyond-use dates on regularly compounded 503A products, those beyond-use dates are significantly shorter than what they previously were. And they also do not allow the pharmacy to establish longer dates, even if they have sufficient evidence to prove or support a longer beyond-use dates. That's going to lead to a lot of issues, specifically with prescriptions that are acute or one-off prescriptions. And unfortunately, they keep pushing off these regulations. However, it does seem at some point they're gonna go forward with them. So, it's important for veterinarians and even the pharmacies to be very mindful of how we're going to move forward, once these changes go through.

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