CJ Burnett, CExP

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Burnett has always had a deep interest in the financial arena. This began at age 16 when he attended an investment symposium in California. From that point on, Burnett became incredibly curious about financial topics and devoured any information he could get from books and periodicals to learn and understand the world of investing. He started focusing on working with veterinarians in 2014 and cofounded Florida Veterinary Advisors as a result. Over the years, Burnett has had success working with veterinarians and business owners on structuring a financial plan that gives them the most control over the results they are after. Burnett does not want to only help people with their financial plans; he wants to change what’s possible for them; to show them how to master the “short game” for them to win the “long game.” Burnett speaks at national conferences, is involved in many national veterinary associations, and is a host on the Smarter Vet Financial Podcast.


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