Upcoming construction project? You be the veterinarian and let someone else project manage


This hospital design expert says vets must resist the urge to undertake what will essentially lose them money.

Considering how complex and personal-not to mention expensive-a clinic construction or remodel project is, it's no wonder that some veterinarians like take a hands-on approach to the process, even to the point of serving as project manager. While they're likely up to the task, veterinary architect and Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference speaker Wayne Usiak, AIA, says it's a misappropriation of skill for the doctor to spend the required time away from the practice.

Some other experts you need:

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How engineers save veterinarians' butts.

Good news on the money front from Gary Glassman, CPA.

"The problem is that normally you are the rainmaker of your practice. You're the biggest producer and it's going to take probably two-fifths to three-fifths of your time," he says.

In this audio clip recorded live at the Hospital Design Conference in conjunction with Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, Usiak outlines several possible alternatives to guarantee the venture goes as it should and the finished product is what it should be. Click to listen.

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