Stellar ways to store stuff

May 24, 2016

This Arizona veterinary team has an almost-magical organizing and storage system. Lets take a peek

Everyone has one. You know the drawer we're talking about. The junk drawer, or drawers. That one drawer that you have to dig through for a few minutes to find what you need? Or maybe in your practice it's the closet. The closet that looks more like a Jenga tower waiting to happen than an actual storage space? Whip your space into shape with these ideas from Dreaming Summit Animal Hospital in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

Smash-proof sundry items

Keep jars of cotton swabs and tongue depressors from being swept off the counter by a pet or pint-sized client with secure wall mounting.

Streamlined drawer space

Consistency is a main component of efficiency. Keep essential items such as needles, gauze and blood tubes at your fingertips and neatly sorted using drawer dividers. Each space can be adjusted to fit the item stored. Keeping the items in the same spot from exam room to exam room will save time spent rummaging around trying to find the needle you need.

Spills contained

Stackable storage tubs not only allow for labeling but keep funny-shaped objects contained. Nothing rolls off the shelf or tip over onto the floor here. Begone, piles of precariously perched tubes!