Honor your practice manager through education and nomination

dvm360dvm360 March 2021
Volume 53

Practice managers step up to the plate day in and day out, successfully executing the tasks at hand today and planning for continued success tomorrow.


Can someone cover my shift? How do we work safely during a pandemic? How do we implement this new protocol? When is our next OSHA meeting? How do we handle this disgruntled client?

These questions and so many more are asked of veterinary hospital managers daily. Practice managers are the ones who step up to the plate day in and day out, successfully executing the tasks at hand today and planning for continued success tomorrow.

There are 2 great ways for you to celebrate your practice manager: education and nomination.

If your hospital manager is not a certified veterinary practice manager (CVPM), I highly recommend supporting their ability to achieve this certification. As our profession advances toward credentialed technicians and assistants, we also are working toward certifying our practice managers. The CVPM program, offered through the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), qualifies the knowledge and experience needed to master essential practice management principles and successfully manage the dynamic array of veterinary hospitals today.

The certification program provides a set of standards, commitment, and time to managers eager to elevate and advance their competencies in practice management. For more information, visit vhma.org/cvpm-certification.

The second way you can celebrate your hospital manager is by nominating them for the dvm360®/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year contest! We all know how difficult this past year has been, and practice managers have been working hard to ensure smooth and safe hospital workflows, excellent communication despite curbside care restrictions, and so much more.

Generously sponsored by our friends at Nationwide, this contest is a great way to show your support and gratitude for your manager’s hard work and dedication. Nomination is easy: Simply visit mjhlifesciences.tfaforms.net/55 and tell us why you think they should be named Practice Manager of the Year. And practice managers: now is the time to show the world why you deserve this accolade. Visit mjhlifesciences.tfaforms.net/56 to nominate yourself.

Besides the coveted plaque, the winner will receive a boatload of additional prizes:

  • A 1-year membership to VHMA
  • Complimentary registration to the 2021 VHMA Annual Meeting & Conference in Philadelphia
  • Up to $1250 stipend for travel/lodging/meals for the 2021 VHMA Annual Meeting & Conference (receipt reimbursement)
  • A 1-year appointment to the dvm360® Editorial Advisory Board
  • Complimentary registration to the 2021 Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference or a Fetch dvm360 ® conference of their choice
  • The deadline for nominations is April 15. Visit dvm360.com for more details and official contest rules.

Thank you to all the hospital managers for your hard work and dedicated service, and thanks to Nationwide for sponsoring this contest to shine a light on these essential employees!

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