A hopeful future for veterinary externships


Megan Chadwick, CVT, shares her goal of growing the partnership between schools and externship sites for veterinary students

In an interview with Megan Chadwick, CVT, academic director of the Veterinary Academy for Penn Foster Group, she shared her hopes for the future of veterinary education and how to improve externship opportunities for students.

Below is a transcript of the video.

Megan Chadwick, CVT: I would like to see continuing to grow and more of a partnership between schools and externship sites. I think with how busy veterinary medicine is, right now, it's hard to find the time to help somebody that maybe is new to the profession. And again, we all started somewhere, and sometimes it can be frustrating or cumbersome, it would take up a lot of time to train or guide, somebody that's green. But that's part of how we solve the problem that we're in; coming together as a profession. We all are essential to everything. I mean, like [with] animals, there's food animals, their pets. It's so vital to life, I would say. We just need to take a minute and remember that we wouldn't be where we're at unless we had somebody to help and support us. So let's give back and be open to supporting others.

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