Give drivers a sneak peek with a "coming soon" sign


Show off your facility-even before it?s completed-to build a buzz among potential clients.

Can you guess what your first purchase should be once you secure a site for your veterinary practice? A celebratory glass of champagne, perhaps? A bottle of aspirin for your upcoming headaches?

Nope, says veterinary architect Dan Chapel, AIA, owner of Chapel Associates Architects in Little Rock, Ark. The first thing you should buy is a “Coming soon” sign to place on the site so drivers know what’s being built—and can start making plans to bring their pets to you. It’s a cheap and effective way to gain publicity before you even open the doors. “Humans are really curious,” Chapel says. “Let them know it’s an animal hospital that you’re building and that it will serve them and the community.”

Include your practice’s name on the sign, as well as your website and phone number, if you already have them lined up. Also, consider including a completion date for the construction, such as “Summer 2010”—just don’t get too specific and tie yourself down to a deadline you can’t meet. Before you buy a sign, ask your contractor—many provide them free as part of their work.

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