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First Puerto Rican veterinary school will open fall 2024

dvm360dvm360 April 2024
Volume 55
Issue 4
Pages: 16

The Ana G. Méndez University-Gurabo School of Veterinary Medicine received approval from the AVMA Council on Education

JackF / stock.adobe.com

JackF / stock.adobe.com

In recent years, there has been a notable emergence of new veterinary schools, allowing prospective students more options to pursue their doctorate in veterinary medicine (DVM) degrees. Another emerging veterinary school is the Ana G. Méndez University-Gurabo (UAGM-Gurabo) School of Veterinary Medicine in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. The university has officially received a letter of reasonable assurance from the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA COE) to begin offering a DVM program starting in August 2024.1,2 A letter of reasonable assurance is not a pre-accreditation action, but instead, indicates that the UAGM-Gurabo veterinary school has the opportunity to obtain accreditation in the future if the program completes all the plans it presented to the AVMA COE.1,3 This period will last 3 years.2,3

With students starting for the fall semester, the UAGM-Gurabo School of Veterinary Medicine will be the first and only veterinary school offered in Puerto Rico. The DVM program will be joined by the university’s existing associate and bachelor’s degree programs in veterinary technology, which received accreditation in 2018.1 These 3 programs will have access to specialized laboratories, involving anatomy and pathology, diagnostic imaging, and surgery and anesthesia. There will be a veterinary teaching hospital on campus for students practicing with small and large animals, and the hospital will also provide veterinary care to the local Puerto Rican community. Additional research laboratories, libraries, and amphitheaters already on campus will be available for veterinary students.1

The UAGM-Gurado team would like to thank Professor Zoraida Ortiz, vice-rector and CEO of the Gurabo Campus, Dr Shaiana Negrón Pagán, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr Edgardo Rosaly Manfredi, vice president of Academic Affairs, for recognition of this accomplishment. School officials stated, “I also appreciate the support of our board of directors, the team of officials, teachers, and all the co-workers who collaborated in this process. In the commemoration of our 75th anniversary, we have another reason to celebrate, convinced that this will be the beginning of great achievements for our university community.”2

The school is currently accepting applications and more information on requirements can be found at https://uagm.edu/es/veterinary-info.2 Shaiana M. Negrón Pagán, clínica veterinaria, is the dean of the veterinary school and he has been part of the faculty as a director for the veterinary technology program since 2016.1


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