Episode 43: How artificial intelligence can expand your range and depth of veterinary care

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Adam Christman is joined by SignalPET founder Dr Neil Shaw, who explains how (and why) artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing veterinary radiology.

AAFP releases feline hypertension toolkit

This new digital resource will help veterinary professionals access and gather vital information quickly.

Canopy Animal Health launches canine CBD line

SurityPro CBD soft chews and well drops are well studied and formulated to deliver the most CBD per body weight of any product on the market.

Nationwide, Walmart launch pet prescription program

The country’s largest pet retailer and largest pet insurer have teamed up to offer pet owners convenience and cost savings when purchasing pet medications.

NASC awards quality seal for Canopy Animal Health CBD products

The National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal is awarded to companies that have employed rigorous standards in proving the quality and safety of their products.

NRC guidelines open door for durable canine OA pain relief

With a single intra-articular injection of Synovetin OA, dogs with elbow arthritis may remain pain-free for up to a year.