UV technology-enhanced litter box


A new product in the pet industry helps guide cats to the litter box

Boxie, a pet products company, has launched the new “Glo” litter box formula that is designed with patent-pending UV crystals to guide cats to their litter box. Boxie is hoping this new technology will help prevent litter box aversion in cats.

Glo litter box formula. (Photo courtesy of Boxie)

Glo litter box formula. (Photo courtesy of Boxie)

Founder and CEO of Boxie, Josh Wiesenfeld stated in a news release, "Every year, millions of beloved cats are surrendered to shelters due to litter box aversion. This heartbreaking reality sparked the idea for Glo – a litter solution engineered to guide cats to their litter box and mitigate common behavioral issues."1

Boxie stated that recent studies showing that cats can perceive UV light2 prompted the company to explore this avenue of technology research. According to the release, the Glo design also prioritized paw feel and scent attractants to further entice cats to use the litter box.

"Many existing litters are reactive, focusing on monitoring cat health after the fact or addressing issues post-use. Glo aims to change that narrative by proactively supporting cat health before problems arise. From FLUTD to asthma and inappropriate elimination, our products are designed to prevent these issues at their source,” said Wiesenfeld.1

Boxie conducted initial rounds of testing and feedback of Glo to gauge the reaction from cats and their owners. According to the company, the product has seen positive reactions and owners claim to notice significant improvements in litter box usage. Wiesenfeld said, "We've received numerous testimonials from owners whose cats, previously prone to eliminating on soft surfaces, are now consistently using the litter box. At Boxie, we prioritize the well-being of cats, humans, and homes alike – achieving litter box success is a win for everyone involved."1

Boxie recognizes that one of the main challenges of Glo and its UV technology, is that the UV crystals are invisible to the human eye, making it difficult to show the innovation to owners. Wiesenfeld hopes that the increased inclination of cats to use the litter box will provide a compelling incentive for owners to choose Glo.


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