2 automatic swine syringes are introduced to the veterinary market


The new syringes contain fixed dosages that provide ease of use

 (Photo courtesy of ThaMa-Vet)

ThaMa 312 syringe. (Photo courtesy of ThaMa-Vet)

Swine can contract diseases transmitted from humans, plants or manure, or from other pigs, even when thorough biosecurity and animal husbandry practices are followed.1 As such, vaccinating swine is an important measure for preparing their immune system for the potential contracting of diseases such as human influenza, circovirus, classical swine fever, pseudorabies, and many others.1,2 Facilitating the swine vaccination process, ThaMa-Vet, a provider of animal health veterinary syringes, has released 2 new additional automatic swine syringes. The syringes integrate fixed dosage accuracy with a transparent barrel, which ensures precise administration while remaining user-friendly.3

The new syringes, ThaMa 312 and ThaMa 313, are fully metallic and come with default dosage pistons, including .5cc, 1cc, and 2cc, which guarantees dosage accuracy for every inoculation. The fixed dosage feature also eliminates the need for adjusting settings during the administration of mass injections. Moreover, the see-through barrel gives users full visibility of the liquid flow during the vaccination process.3

"The addition of ThaMa 312 and ThaMa 313 to our family of swine syringes provides the ultimate combination of fixed dose pistons with a see-through barrel for optimal control over the exact dosages," said Udi Nechmad, CEO of ThaMa-Vet, in an organizational release.3 "We are committed to streamlining processes to achieve smooth mass vaccination by offering highly reliable syringes for the poultry, swine, cattle, aquaculture, and small animal sectors."

The ThaMa 312 syringe contains a cannula needle and a plastic hose that are connected to the bottle.3 It also comes with a maintenance kit and a set of pistons.4 Additionally, this syringe is designed to work with tough swine vaccines, according to the company.4 The ThaMa 313 includes a vial holder for convenient attachment of the vaccine bottle.3

In addition to the newly released syringes, the company also offers a range of 2cc syringes for swine and livestock, including the ThaMa 263 and ThaMa 262 syringes, which are also all-metal. ThaMa-Vet also sells adjustable glass barrel syringes: ThaMa 240 and ThaMa 213.3

Variability of vaccine efficacy

Even with vaccination, swine may still get sick. According to Morris Veterinary Center, the level of protection and resistance a vaccine may offer against a disease is dependent on the case.5 Vaccination may comprise the major part of disease control in some cases, whereas in others, it may only constitute a small part of the protection procedure.5 Due to this variability, it is crucial to not only follow appropriate vaccination regimens, but to ensure adherence to other management procedures.5

Some of the diseases that affect swine include5:

  • Enteric diseases, such as colibacillosis, ileitis, salmonellosis, and Clostridium perfringens types A and C
  • Reproductive diseases, such as enteroviruses, leptospirosis, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), and porcine parvovirus
  • Respiratory diseases and rhinitis, such as Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, atrophic rhinitis, and pneumonia
  • Other diseases, including erysipelas and porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2)


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